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There are a variety of marketing tactics you can leverage for your dealership, but to get the best ROI, you need to invest in the channels that will really impact sales.

Different marketing efforts will deliver different results. While some channels are better for brand awareness and generating online reviews or service appointments, if you’re focused on increasing sales you need dynamic, inventory email

Dynamic email proactively shares relevant inventory updates, such as price drops or inventory changes, to engage leads and bring them back to your website. These automatic updates don’t just save you time; dynamic email can actually help you maximize your sales pipeline by re-engaging in-market prospects

Looking at data from more than 2,800 car dealership websites over a three-month period, here’s how inventory-based email stacks up against other marketing channels.

Inventory-Based Email Marketing vs. Standard Email Marketing

Average Open Rate Average CTR
Dynamic Email 28.00% 8.40%
Standard Email 8.40% 0.90%

Average Visit Duration on Site

Dynamic Email Direct  Organic  Standard Email Paid Search Referral  Social 
Time Per Visit (Seconds) 133.4 81.93 178.48 142.68 105.86 120.12 87.61 

Average VDP Views Per Visit

Dynamic Email Direct  Organic  Standard  Email Paid Search Referral  Social 
VDP Per Visit 1.4 0.57 0.78 0.49 0.54 0.73 0.97

Average Time Spent Viewing VDP Pages Per Visit

Dynamic Email Direct  Organic  Standard Email Paid Search Referral  Social 
Time Per Visit (Seconds) 122.47 41.49 61.46 40.48 36.43 58.98 48.58 

Using personalization and real-time inventory alerts to engage your leads, dynamic email brings more customers back to your website. Get better open and click-through rates, longer site visits, and more VDP views per site visit, but best of all, sell more inventory by putting dynamic email to work for your dealership.

If you’re ready to get the best return on your marketing dollars, engage more leads with less effort from your sales team using dynamic, inventory-based email marketing