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The mission of Foureyes is to improve sales experiences by making software that puts people in positions to succeed.

We’re quickly becoming the leading sales intelligence platform by using user-level digital data that makes people more efficient and effective.

Our Story

Back in 2016—working at the digital marketing agency that he co-founded—David Steinberg realized that when companies put their inventory information online, it was great for marketing.

But bad for salespeople.

With pricing and availability easily accessible online, salespeople lost their greatest value in sales interactions and it reduced the efficacy of sales conversions.

That led to the question Foureyes seeks to answer: How can we drive more positive sales interactions between people?

Today, Foureyes addresses the sexy and unsexy aspects of sales process for thousands of companies, making for better sales experiences and improved sales outcomes.

Who we are and what we do

The company

Foureyes is a data platform that automates what dealers don't have the time or ability to do, so they can get back to doing the things they're best at: making decisions and selling cars.

The customer data platform

Foureyes collects disconnected data to provide an integrated view of customers. While the sources may change over time, the focus remains on data with sales intent.

The software

Foureyes runs for thousands of businesses each day. Customers use Foureyes to track, protect, engage, and sell better.

We are growing

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