Sales doesn't have to be so hard for people

At Foureyes, we believe that human intellect paired with data is the winning combination. It always has been. And we're on a mission to bring that winning combination to dealerships with easy-to-love software.

We're a software company that thinks about people first. With every innovation, we seek to put humans back in the starring role.

Expanding what's humanly possible

Back in 2016, David Steinberg ran a marketing agency working with automotive dealerships. And he was puzzled by something. His team would generate a record-breaking number of leads, and dealers would report their worst sales month.

More leads in didn't equate to more sales out.

Digging in with dealers, he found countless problems lowering sales: A new receptionist. Salespeople scratching notes on post-its. Voicemail and form routing issues. A focus on new leads to the detriment of warm leads.

These were very fuzzy problems. They involved people and changing behaviors.

But Steinberg believed that getting data in the hands of people could make change possible. And that's what he created Foureyes to do.

Expanding what's humanly possible

The software

Foureyes is sales assistant software that works alongside dealership teams. It uses data to help dealers tackle the legwork between lead creation and sales so people can close more deals.

The data

By unifying data from your website, phone calls, CRM, and inventory, Foureyes generates a robust view of each customer that enables tight alignment with people and sales process.

The company

Headquartered in Oregon, Foureyes is a remote-first company with 90+ employees in 19 states. It is privately owned and 100% focused on automotive.

Experience Foureyes

Foureyes is in the people business, so let's talk person-to-person.

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