Power to the Salespeople

Foureyes® helps you get smart about sales. Our technology tracks your customer’s online activity and provides information about their shopping behavior to help you sell more cars.

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How Foureyes Helps You Sell More

  • Right Information, Right Time

    Website and phone tracking technology produce a complete picture of your prospect’s shopping behavior. Real-time notifications are sent to your salespeople when prospects are actively shopping to help your salespeople connect with prospects at the right time, improving their close rate.

  • Sales Process Visibility

    From understanding your primary lead sources to identifying performance issues with your sales team, you get visibility into your sales process from start to finish. With these insights, you can improve the performance of your sales team and make better decisions when allocating your advertising budget.

  • Real Business Intelligence

    Our reporting dashboard is designed to make you efficient and effective with your marketing dollars while allowing you to fine tune your sales process. You also get valuable insights about how your dealership is performing compared to other dealers, performance reports, coaching suggestions and metrics to track your marketing, sales, and operations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Good dealers take their virtual showroom seriously. Foureyes helps me see what my customers are doing in my virtual showroom. It helps me strike the iron when it's hot. Customers can be hours, days, months out, but Foureyes helps me engage customers all along the way."

Southeast dealership

"Foureyes has become a key part of our daily appointment setting process. We continually find people who we don't think are in the market and we are able to follow up and set appointments. Calling Foureyes a 'game changer' would be an understatement."

Great Lakes dealership

"Of all the digital products we've ever seen or bought, Foureyes is the best. Hands down."

Great Lakes dealership

Improve your vision. Improve your business.

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