Data Privacy

We care about you
and your data

Data privacy at Foureyes is simple and straightforward—
if you don't want your data collected, we respect that.

We're committed to going beyond regulatory compliance to provide ethical data solutions to the market. This means that every new Foureyes innovation is built with the following key pillars of data privacy and governance in mind.

  • Customer-first always
  • Innovation for a purpose
  • Transparency as a rule

Data Privacy

Data Encryption

Foureyes encrypts sensitive data both in transit and at rest.

Database Security

All data collected by Foureyes is stored securely in multiple encrypted AWS Aurora relational databases, an industry leader in data storage security and controls.

Privacy & Safety Features

Foureyes data privacy settings put you in the driver's seat of how your data is handled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data do we collect?

Using a script placed on our clients’ websites, Foureyes collects general usage data from website visitors, including traffic sources, pages visited, lead activities performed, and features used. Unless consumers provide personal information on websites with the Foureyes script installed, the data associated with their user profile is limited to anonymous information automatically collected as they browse and interact with the site.

Why do we collect this data?

User-level website tracking enables businesses to understand their customers and know how to better serve them. Foureyes combines the user-level data it collects with other consumer interactions with the company and/or website to build unique user profiles. These user profiles are created to improve consumer experiences both on and offline, and may be used:

  • To power and improve the Foureyes technology
  • To aggregate and anonymize data to provide relevant industry benchmarks and trends to third parties
  • To understand and analyze the usage of the websites where the Foureyes tool is active
  • To market the products or services of the company and parent company associated with the website

Can individuals opt out?

Of course! Consumers can rest assured that their data is secure. However, if an individual doesn’t want their data to be a part of Foureyes, they can manage their data and request one of the following data privacy options:

  • See a copy of the data Foureyes has collected
  • Delete the data Foureyes has collected
  • Opt out of being included in the sale of any data
  • Opt out of data being collected by Foureyes in the future

Foureyes can execute individual consumer data privacy requests quickly and easily, ensuring our clients are compliant with important privacy laws like the CCPA.

Manage Your Data

See all the data privacy options you have and request changes to how your data is currently managed.