Sounds like you'd
be a great addition

We're pretty proud of the culture we've cultivated at Foureyes. And we know every new hire is a chance to improve our work and community. Think you're a fit for any open roles?

A values-driven company

Values that are more than words on the wall


Make products that people love the value they get and the experience of using them, so that they feel great to build, sell, and service.

Products for people

Always seek to amplify people's strengths; don't steal center stage and don't be discouraged by fuzzy problems. That's where the magic is.

Strong opinions, loosely held

Bring your perspective, say what you think, challenge prevailing views, AND be be open to having your mind changed.

People first, employees second

We hired you to be you. You're safe to be yourself so that you will do your best work and be the best teammate.

Be heard. Make a difference.

The sweet spot

Foureyes has 60+ employees, small enough that it's easy to see how your work makes a difference and large enough to provide stability. This combo has helped us attract and retain a phenomenal team of driven professionals dedicated to our customers' success.

A remote-first company

Work where you want

In 2020, we went remote and discovered that worked best for the company and our employees. Recruiting talent from two dozen states enables us to maintain an exceptionally high standard and be located near more customers. And it provides employees flexibility, autonomy, and focus.

TechTown PDX: Diversity Pledge

Our commitment to diversity

We’ve taken the TechTown Diversity Pledge to join the movement to achieve greater diversity and create a more inclusive tech community in Portland. Through this commitment, we also work with Portland Means Progress to build a more equitable city. Tangible results of this work include partnering with groups dedicated to career advancement for underrepresented communities, building intentional hiring strategies, training employees on topics like unconscious bias, and providing internal development and progression programs.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is working in concert with our Executive Leadership to improve our efforts in these areas on an ongoing basis, and to continue to make a positive impact within our organization and our community.