Prospect Engagement

Assistance when selling is hard

When your salespeople need to get in front of more people and your BDC can't grind any harder, Foureyes helps with targeted solutions. All you have to do is decide how to get started.

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Configure your sales process settings and Foureyes will run alongside your team exactly as you instruct. No training or oversight required.

Team Shortcuts

Layer in new visibility so your team can do their work smarter and drive better conversations.

The support you need to get more conversations going fast

Rather than generating new leads, Foureyes works your existing lead pipeline to maximize opportunities, reduce marketing waste, and drive better customer experiences.

1.Lead logging

You've generated more opportunities than what's in your CRM. Safety Net monitors your calls, forms, and chats and auto logs missing opportunities.

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2.Inventory alerts

Your leads want to know when you lower prices and get more inventory in-stock. Prospect Engagement automatically emails them so they stay warm and informed.

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It can be hard to tell who is still in market. Sales Enablement identifies your warmest opportunities and shows you what they're interested in.

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4.Unified data

Make smarter sales and marketing decisions when you know who your leads are and where they come from. Track every form, chat, and phone call with patented user-level website tracking.

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Aligned to your sales process

Working alongside your people

Foureyes is designed to run alongside your sales process and compliment the activities of your team. Access your configuration settings directly any time to make adjustments so that Foureyes mirrors your sales process and you stay in control.

Includes all the cool technology

  • First-party data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Chat GPT
  • Machine learning
  • Website tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • CRM integration
  • Identity resolution
  • Embedded analytics

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