Prospect Engagement

Bring your inventory
to their inbox

Automatically send updates to your leads about inventory that perfectly matches their shopping preferences. Book more appointments without lifting a finger.

Share every update

Promote price changes and new inventory with the right audience automatically whenever you make changes on your website.

Re-engage your leads

Get recently active leads back into your pipeline when they get inventory updates matched to their interests.

Do more in less time

Skip the hard parts of email marketing when Foureyes creates the campaigns for you.

How does it work?

Better communication without lifting a finger

1.Tracks all website activity

Foureyes records what your leads do on your website—every search, filter, form, chat and page view. It also knows when you make changes to inventory.

2.Identifies a potential audience

Your CRM contacts, plus any new website leads, become immediately eligible to receive emails about your inventory.

3.Determines shoppers interest

Using the Vehicle of Interest Algorithm, Foureyes identifies the inventory that best matches each lead’s online shopping preferences.

4.Sends dynamic inventory emails

Depending on a lead’s activities and the website changes you make, leads receive emails from your business specific to their interests.

What's Included

  • Inventory email campaigns
  • Suppression lists
  • Customizable templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Which contacts receive these emails?

Any contact in your CRM with an email address who has looked and inventory but has not yet purchased can be added.

What kinds of emails can my leads receive?

Suggested Vehicle emails use our Vehicle of Interest Algorithm to share similar inventory that matches a lead's preferences.

Price Drop emails share price changes based on previously viewed inventory and a lead's preferences.

New on Lot emails share timely information about inventory recently added to your business's website inventory.

Not Available emails share updates with leads when inventory they have shopped online have sold and other available inventory match their preferences.

How is this different than the marketing emails my business sends right now?

Dealership marketing emails are typically branded messages that work for a general audience. Foureyes delivers dynamic emails that match your contacts' inventory interests, increasing engagement and moving them closer to sale.

How often do emails go out?

Because emails are personalized to each individual, the frequency of emails vary based on a lead's engagement and inventory updates.

I’m worried about spamming these contacts. Can shoppers opt-out?

Yes. The emails follow current CAN/SPAM laws and include ‘unsubscribe’ and/or ‘opt-out’ options in every email sent.

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