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Some of your top leads may not be the most responsive. They may avoid your calls, leave your texts on read, and not respond to emails. But if they’re opening all of those emails, returning to your website multiple times, and visiting the same inventory pages over and over—they're actually a pretty warm lead and sales-ready prospect. 

The difference between a disinterested lead who’s not worth your time and a hot lead who could be your next sale is visible with the right lead tracking tool

With customer tracking software, you can see exactly what leads are doing on your website and know who your best leads really are. When every click, search, phone call, pageview, form, and return visit is tracked, you’ll have the first-party data to know which leads are active and engaged, even if that engagement is not directly happening with a salesperson. 

Not only will this insight give you a leg up to quickly and easily determine who your best leads are, it will prevent leads from being marked ‘lost’ or ‘cold’ too early in the sales process when they’re actually still interested. On average, 22% of ‘lost’ leads are still active on dealership websites. Don’t make the mistake of disqualifying some of your best leads and most interested prospects.

Here are some of your best leads you may be overlooking

1. The behind-the-scenes shopper

A shoppers disinterest in talking to sales should never disqualify them. We’ve all had leads who will send every call straight to voicemail and not respond to emails. If they’re not responding to your outreach—don’t count them down and out. 

Use website lead tracking to look at their recent activity and connect online browsing with offline conversations. Oftentimes the lead who sounded like a disinterested, casual shopper pored over your website last night (and every day before) and is still still opening and clicking on emails. Review the pages they’ve visited and the types of emails they’re opening. Are they more engaged with personalized inventory recommendations or new incentives? It may seem like they’re not giving you any clues, but you can use the data available to prioritize the shoppers who have been on your website most frequently and recently to engage them while your inventory is top of mind. 

2. The bargain hunter

If you have a lead who ignores your calls, texts and emails, but opens every price-drop email and filters by price every time they visit your website, you have a bargain hunter. Don’t stop reaching out, just make sure you’re aware of their price constraints and your follow up aligns with what they’re looking for. Leverage dynamic email software to automatically share price drops on inventory they’ve shown interest in or recommendations for new inventory that matches their search criteria. Pair with your best financing offers and current incentives to entice them to take the next step.

3. The one who’s made up their mind (but needs that final push)

If a lead has visited the same motorcycle or vehicle page over and over and over again, it’s likely they’ve found what they’re looking for, but need an obstacle removed before they’re ready to purchase. Assess their complete lead profile to determine whether they need a certain trim, a lower monthly payment, or could be convinced with a current incentive. This is a highly interested lead who just needs a little extra push to cross the finish line and convert.

Lead Management Tools

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