Sales Enablement

Boost your
sales team's performance

Turn website activity into lead intelligence to improve your close rate. Spot new deals, improve follow-up, and take your sales team to the next level.

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Prioritize your pipeline

Save time and easily prioritize efforts when you know which leads need immediate attention.

Have better appointments

Target the inventory, price point, and features your leads want to have more compelling conversations.

Get more wins

When you can focus your team's follow-up by targeting specific inventory interests and improving timing, you sell more.

How does it work?

Simple implementation. Dramatic sales transformation.

1.Tracks all website activity

Foureyes records what your leads do on your website—every search, filter, form, chat and page view.

2.Sends smart notifications

Sales teams receive hot lead lists and real-time alerts as people continue shopping inventory. Notifications include who is actively shopping and what they are viewing.

3.Spots opportunities

All active leads not receiving follow-up are flagged, including leads presumed lost or leads that didn't make it to your CRM.

What's Included

  • Priority lead list and alerts
  • Opportunity spotting
  • Lead flagging
  • Search, sort, and filter
  • Ongoing training and coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What lead intelligence info is included in Foureyes notifications?

Foureyes notifications include who the lead is, what they've looked at online, where they came from, and tips on how to communicate with the lead. The notifications include everything you need to follow-up.

My team works at and away from a desk, can Foureyes work for us?

Of course! We understand that there are many types of sales organizations. Communication settings can be set up to fit your team's preferences.

How will I know Foureyes has spotted a missed opportunity?

Foureyes uses tags to clearly mark opportunities that need your attention. These tags help you sort, filter, and search your leads to find those leads that are ripe for follow-up.

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