Foureyes Prospect Engagement was designed to move buyers toward sales through automated, inventory-centric communications without sacrificing personalized content. Every day, we strive to deliver on that mission while balancing:

  • Performance that leverages the learnings garnered from sending more than 1 billion emails
  • Easy setup that allows businesses to start seeing value very quickly without heavy staff involvement 
  • User controls that allow dealerships to configure how Prospect Engagement compliments their existing sales process

Today, we’re announcing some big improvements to users controls so that Prospect Engagement works with more sales process variations, without sacrificing performance or ease of setup.

What are my options for personalization?

The Foureyes Prospect Engagement admin dashboard allows you to custom-fit different product features to align with your process and preferences. Now, you can control:

1. When emails are sent

Prospect Engagement sends daily dynamic emails, but the frequency is unique to each of your leads and dictated by their level of engagement. Now you can dial that email cadence up or down, and select the days of the week and time of day when emails are sent to your subscribers.  

Default settings provide your leads with follow-up emails just one day after visiting your website, with a total of 2-3 emails per week. If they interact with your emails and website, that frequency will dynamically adjust to match their interest. Or you can customize the email quantity to send more or less depending on your preferences. Learn more about default email delivery days and times.

2. Which emails are sent and why

Suggested Vehicles, Price Drops, and New on Lot emails are all enabled as default email communications, but you now have the option to turn each email type on or off within your admin settings. This updated feature also gives you the option to set the threshold for Price Drop emails, something you can adjust at any time. Learn more about email triggers and options for customization.

Prospect Engagement Email Type Sending Adjustments

3. Who emails are sent to

Foureyes Prospect Engagement syncs with your CRM daily to create personalized email notifications for all of the leads in your pipeline based on their buying behavior, vehicle(s) of interest, and CRM records. Now, you can adjust CRM suppression rules to better control who email campaigns are sent to or opt for manual uploads for complete control. Learn more about how contacts become eligible to receive emails.

4. What the emails contain

Emails sent to your customers come from your dealership--not Foureyes--so it’s important that they match the look-and-feel of your brand. That’s why you have the option to choose the templates and colors that best align with your business. Use your admin settings to make copy adjustments and add banner images to promote sales, incentives, or company updates.

Prospect Engagement Email Creative Adjustments

What's Next?

Many of these new features were based on feedback received from more than 1,500 dealers who tried Prospect Engagement free for 60 days. If you are interested in a 1:1 walkthrough of the personalization options in Foureyes Prospect Engagement or if you haven’t signed up for your free trial yet, let’s get started!