Source: Foureyes

Do you know where your leads are coming from? How about what sales prospects are looking at on your website or how they prefer to contact dealerships?

To help car dealers understand lead management data from the last year, we’re sharing automotive insights pulling from Foureyes’ dataset of more than 19,000 automotive dealership websites from December 2019-November 2020. You can learn more about Foureyes data here. 

For the insights shared below, bots, solicitors, job seekers, service customers, and other non-sales leads are filtered out to provide a clear look at true sales leads and distinguish between:

  • Visitors: The people on your website who may or may not have completed a lead action.
  • Leads: The people who have called, filled out a form, or chatted online with your dealership. 
  • Qualified sales leads: The subset of leads who are confirmed to be in the market to purchase a vehicle, with service and other non-sales leads filtered out. 
  • Sold leads: The people who completed the sales process and purchased a vehicle from a dealership. 

Lead Management Insights


For the average dealership, only 3.2% of website visitors will convert into leads. Separating the qualified sales leads from the rest of the lead pool and connecting the website activity of sold leads can help you understand how your best leads behave on your website:

  • The majority of leads come from organic traffic
  • The average lead views 4.8 VDPs
  • The average qualified sales lead views almost twice as many vehicles and looks at 8.7 VDPs
  • The average sold lead views even more vehicles and viewed 11.4 VDPs before the sale


Distinguishing between leads and qualified sales leads can also help you spot trends and determine where your best leads come from. Without filtering your lead pool, you risk not knowing which lead actions are most valuable for your sales team. For example, if you just look at leads:

  • 59.0% of leads call
  • 31.6% of leads fill out a form
  • 9.4% of leads chat

At a glance, phone calls seem to be your best lead source. But when you filter out bots, wrong numbers, service inquiries, and other non-sales leads and just look at qualified sales leads, the data tells a different story:

  • 63.9% of qualified sales leads fill out a form
  • 21.0% of qualified sales leads call
  • 15.1% of qualified sales leads chat

Surprise—forms are actually your best lead source. 

If we take our analysis all the way through the final sale and look at the original lead action for sold leads, we see again that forms are more valuable than phone calls or chats:

  • 63.8% of sold leads filled out a form
  • 24.2% of sold leads called
  • 12.0% of sold leads chatted

Your website contains a wealth of first-party intent data that can be used to spot your best leads and turn more shoppers into buyers. Watch this 10-minute demo or sign up for a personalized walkthrough to learn how Foureyes products and data can leverage customer data to help you sell more efficiently and effectively.