Safety Net

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Filter non-sales leads from your pipeline and fix the leaks in your sales process, including leads not making it into your CRM.

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Fix your leaky funnel

Broken website forms and unlogged leads are issues of the past when all lead data is automatically logged in your CRM.

Trust your pipeline

Leads analyzed by humans and AI for quality means only real website leads end up in your pipeline.

Create efficiency

Consistent and automatic review of lead conversations enables teams to address issues they never knew they had.

How does Foureyes Safety Net work?

1.Tracks all website activity

Foureyes tracking records what your leads do on your website—every search, filter, form, chat and page view.

2.Analyzes incoming leads

AI and human analysts review every lead captured through Omni-Tracking (forms, chats, and phone calls), even those you would've missed, and verifies real sales leads from the rest.

3.Pushes data into your CRM

If you've integrated your CRM, Foureyes automatically adds any saved or net-new sales leads plus their relevant shopping history, analyst summaries, and notes to your CRM.


How much value could Safety Net pump back into your dealership?

'The value of your "lost leads" really adds up. We made this tool to show you just how much.

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What's Included

  • Auto lead logging into CRM
  • Manual lead logging into CRM
  • Lead summaries
  • Lead analysis & filtering
  • Saved leads reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Foureyes analysts consider during their review of my leads?

Foureyes is looking for sales intent. This means that family members who contact your business, vendors, and leads looking for a business division other than sales stay out of your pipeline.

Do I have access to a summary of this lead analysis?

Absolutely! Lead summaries and analysis are appended to the lead's overall profile and shopping history tracked by Foureyes for a complete view of each lead's actions and interests.

My business' sales process is unique. Will Foureyes filter my funnel accurately?

During onboarding, we'll learn about your specific sales process which enables our team to setup Foureyes to provide accurate filtering and logging every time.

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