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In sales, you want to spend your day talking to customers. Not making calls that are sent to voicemail and typing texts or emails that go unanswered. To spend more time selling, you need to identify and focus on the right leads. 

The difficult part is that some leads look good at first glance, while others that don’t look as promising should actually be the priority. Instead of focusing on the leads you most recently spoke to, it’s crucial to prioritize leads based on their activity and actual interest. Doing so will ensure that you’re always focused on your hottest leads first.

To identify the right leads to follow up with and get more from your existing pipeline, here are some steps to take:

1. Start with New Leads

Start with any new leads that came in overnight or in the time since you were last at the dealership. If you missed a call from a prospect, were assigned a new lead, or have leads who just filled out a form on your website, start there.

2. Follow Up with Leads Who Opened Your Email

Once you’ve followed up with new leads that need immediate attention, look next to the leads who have opened emails from you or your dealership. You should be able to track which prospects are opening your emails and see what links they’re clicking on. Make the leads who clicked through or engaged with an email your first priority, and leads who simply opened an email second.

3. Look to Leads Who Are Shopping Your Website

Sometimes your hottest leads are ‘invisible shoppers.’ Even if they haven’t answered your calls or engaged with your emails, it’s likely you have prospects who are actively shopping your website and demonstrating their interest online. To know which of those invisible shoppers are interested leads and prime for follow up, you need a sales intelligence tool that tracks the online activity of each lead and can provide insight into who to call and when. Using this tool can help you determine which leads to focus on next.

4. Revisit Cold Leads

Finally, revisiting your cold leads is a good way to spot prospects you may have given up on too early. Some cold leads are invisible shoppers and still interested. Others may become interested when they hear about lower prices, new incentives, or new inventory in stock. Comb through your cold lead list and follow up to see who may actually be back in the market.

Save Time and Increase Sales

Starting your day with a prioritized list of leads to follow up with doesn’t just feel better, it can actually give you more time back in your day. When you can quickly work your way through your lead list and save leads from slipping through the cracks, you can maximize your existing pipeline and turn more opportunities into sales.