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Foureyes, a patented sales intelligence platform, announced it will unveil a new technology for automotive dealers at the NADA Show 2019 on January 24-27 in San Francisco.

PORTLAND, Ore. (December 11, 2018)

Foureyes, a patented sales intelligence platform, announced it will unveil a new technology for automotive dealers at the NADA Show 2019 on January 24-27 in San Francisco.

From its analysis of more than 150 million automotive website visits, Foureyes finds that, on average, 41% of automotive sales leads are mishandled. David Steinberg, CEO & Inventor of Foureyes, explains, “When we realized that 41% of auto sales leads are mishandled, it became clear that dealers desperately needed a solution to improve follow-up. It needed to be automatic, requiring no training or additional staffing. This was the genesis of Foureyes 20/20.”

20/20 is an outbound communication tool that leverages Foureyes patented user tracking with inventory analysis to modernize personalized communication and increase close rates. In doing so, 20/20: 

  • Improves effectiveness. Like e-commerce, leads receive specific updates on the inventory they are interested in by way of the tool’s Vehicle of Interest Algorithm, propelling them to action.
  • Increases reach. 20/20 works automatically to send dynamic communications to all active leads, achieving more volume than what’s humanly possible.
  • Maximizes productivity. 20/20 cues off the inventory information and changes to a dealer’s website, therefore, requiring no additional effort or staffing.

Steinberg goes on to say, “Existing automation tools for dealers check the box for sales follow-up, but lack the specificity needed to advance the sale. Our solution delivers dynamic, inventory-specific content for every shopper, so they only see updates that are relevant to them. It’s really very similar to how e-commerce companies have been successfully remarketing all of us for the last decade; however, this technology has been inaccessible to automotive dealers.”

Dealers can experience 20/20, the newest addition in the Foureyes product family, when they visit the Foureyes booth #7945W during the NADA Show 2019.

To learn more about any of the Foureyes products, schedule a demo at, call (971) 352-3494, or visit Find Foureyes on Facebook and Twitter.

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Foureyes is sales assistant software that works alongside dealership teams. It uses data to help dealers tackle the legwork between lead creation and sales so that (sales)people can get back to closing more deals. For more information, visit