Unified Data Platform

Insights You Need from the Data You Have

You know your business. You know the questions you most want answered. And you're sitting on a mountain of data.

So why can't you get those answers? Quickly, efficently, and in real-time?

With the Foureyes Unified Data Platform, now you can.

What is the Unified Data Platform?

The Unified Data Platform (UDP) is an unbiased business intelligence tool designed to be your data and insights northstar.

It unlocks actionable insights across your entire group in minutes so you can make changes throughout the month.

Data and Insights for Your Group

Foureyes visualizes your dealerships' data through a suite of different reports that, for example, help answer how some stores, salespeople, or vendors perform better than others.

How does the UDP work?


The UDP brings together three primary 1st party data sources:

  • Customer data generated from your website
  • Lead and sales data from your CRM
  • Inventory data as presented on your website


It then connects those traditionally siloed data sources so you can compare apples-to-apples. This process requires hygiene and normalization to make the data mesh


For ease and speed, the UDP presents your data via a pre-built report library so that you can start seeing insights immediately. Or you can configure custom reports to meet your specific group’s needs


Get access to your connected data, so you can directly query it, connect it to additional datasets, or create your own visualizations.

Why the Unified Data Platform Works for Automotive Groups

Quick visibility, quick changes

Diagnose problems and find opportunities for adjustments in real-time during the month when there is still time to change your trajectory.

Hold partners accountable

Quickly and easily compare performance metrics across stores, channels, and automotive industry averages to hold vendors, employees, and rooftops accountable.

Collaborate with others

Get group-level views and share rooftop-level views so that everyone is looking at the same data - and only the data they need.

Chasing data sucks. But it doesn't need to.

Foureyes solves the challenge of crunching the data for you - no more late nights, errors, or simply taking your best guess when it comes to understanding your performance and ROI.

What previously took days to get access to is now at your fingertips.

See for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Unified Data Platform?

The Unified Data Platform (UDP) is a data analytics tool designed to help automotive groups collect, connect, analyze, and access their own data to uncover business insights across all their dealerships.

The UDP connects the three key data sources-- customers, sales, and inventory--to enable business leaders to ask and answer questions like:

  • What marketing sources (e.g. Facebook) are driving my sales across all my stores?
  • What inventory is driving traffic?
  • Which salespeople are the best at closing internet leads?
  • What are my top performing stores doing that my bottom performers aren’t?
Who is it for?

The UDP is for automotive groups who cannot easily access their own sales and marketing data because it is siloed in different systems:

  • Understand dealership performance
  • Establish performance benchmarks
  • Make data-driven decisions and measure attribution about sales performance, customer experience, lead generation channels, sales process, etc.
  • Uncover problems
  • Spot opportunities
How does it work?

The UDP gives automotive groups the ability to collect, connect, visualize, and access their data.

Foureyes collects three primary 1st party data sources:

  • Customer data generated from websites
  • Lead and sales data from CRMs
  • And inventory data as presented on websites

Foureyes connects those traditionally siloed data sources through various steps that clean and normalize the data.

Foureyes visualizes the data via a pre-built report library so that automotive groups can start seeing insights immediately. Automotive groups can also choose to have custom reports configured that meet their specific group’s needs. Foureyes enables access to the connected data for your more technical teams.

Can I see a demo?

Yes! We are running live, virtual demos with interested automotive groups. If you are interested, let us know.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the UDP varies based on the number of rooftops in your group. While we're in the Early Adoption phase for our UDP rollout, Foureyes is offering discounted rates to qualifying groups.

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