The price tag on vans has jumped more than 22% in the past 9 months – a disproportionate trajectory to other vehicle types during the same period (none of which increased more than 5% during that time).

But, why?

Let’s first take a look at supply

New Van Inventory Growth (%) by Type

(August 15 2022 - May 29 2023)









This data shows vans actually had the biggest supply increase during this period of time. However, it should be noted vans only accounted for about 2% of all new inventory

In short, previously low supply has remained relatively low.

So, then did vans just get [even] sexier?

Has the demand pendulum swung back to vans (from SUVs and trucks) as the go-to utility vehicle, offering both a practical balance of passenger and cargo needs. In other words, #vanlife?

According to the data, not necessarily.

We dove into our new Foureyes Unified Data Platform, which provides supply and demand data side-by-side. There we found that although van demand (measured as lead volume) has nominally increased during the past 9 months, they still only account for 3% of demand across all body types.

So, the question remains: What’s the deal with vans?

Is it production and materials costs? Dealerships markups attempting to cash in on anecdotal demand narratives? Or something else?

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