In the age of disinformation, we’ve all seen how easy it is to allow data to lie to us and reinforce our biases. The reality is the “promise of big data” to answer all our wildest questions has been entirely unfulfilled. At Foureyes, we have been immersed in understanding how data is deceiving us, what we can do to fix it, and what true access to your own data means. Our answer is the Unified Data Platform, our newest and most ambitious offering to date. 

In understanding the power of the Unified Data Platform (UDP) let’s first consider the core questions that any lead generation business relies on: 

Where am I getting my leads and how am I closing them? 

One would think the dealership CRM would have the answer but anyone experienced with dealer operations and marketing knows that’s not the case. Vendors compete to be the source of truth in the CRM and while a chat widget may claim credit for a lead (for example) the actual media source of that lead is much different. An experienced marketer would go to their well-structured Google Analytics account; however, they would be missing the details, sales activity, PII and context of the lead; additionally, the solicitors or bot leads they receive are indistinguishable from their other data inside the analytics account.  

Show me a dealer group that is truly able to bring in disparate data sources (website, CRM, inventory) and make actionable sense of it, and I will show you a dealer group who is pushing Excel to the limit and has one or two people playing the role of “mad scientist.” The problem with this approach is it is incredibly time consuming, prone to error, and relies on the mad scientists appropriately translating information to the right people at the right time.

There is a better path forward.  

The Unified Data Platform successfully collects, connects, and directs you to the data you need to oversee a dealer group. We’ve broken the data silos and link website data, inventory data, and CRM data together seamlessly. The data is served to you in a format you can either subscribe to and import into your own data warehouse (especially valuable if you have additional proprietary data you don’t want to share) or access inside Foureyes where we serve pre-built reports and the ability to add/edit and make your own reports. 

So, in the attribution example of where are you getting your leads and how are you closing them, Foureyes lets you see accurate attribution where the CRM source is overwritten by the correct media source and then drill down to see how different salespeople perform on different lead sources. The underlying data structure and data in the UDP is your data and it is organized in such a way you can now answer those pesky data questions that have stumped you for years. We’ve also included in the data source benchmark (90% percentile) and industry average data to help you understand your performance as you either build your own reports or use our templates.

The role of good data is not to answer questions but to ask better questions. I’m ecstatic to share the Unified Data Platform. Get in touch so you can see firsthand how to get control of your data.