While we build our sales processes with the best intentions, we all know that at times, there will be breakdowns (especially during high demand), and these breakdowns lead to unlogged leads. 

A number of things can go wrong:

  • You hire someone new at the front desk → unlogged leads 
  • Your team gets swamped → unlogged leads
  • Your website provider pushes a code update that breaks a form → unlogged leads
  • A CRM update breaks a chat integration → unlogged leads

Unlogged leads cost your business every day. They affect your marketing budget when you miss out on leads that you already paid for, and again when you consider the time and resources that go into nurturing a lead that then doesn’t get a call back when they’re ready to buy.

You also miss out on sales, whether that lead was prepared to buy today or she needed a bit of follow-up for a long-term sale, the opportunity is wasted.

You could focus your energy on trying to get every lead logged by force, but too many factors–like CRM issues and vendor mishaps–are outside your control, and attempting to get perfection out of your team is an unpleasant and impossible task.

That’s why Foureyes built Safety Net for dealers. It’s designed to address these needs by automatically getting every web lead logged into your CRM. As your own personal “lead insurance,” Safety Net protects long-term sales that would have otherwise been missed and enable you to maintain a good prospect experience with consistent follow-up.

Today, we’re going to dive into two areas of value that Safety Net provides dealers to help them not only ensure another lead doesn’t go unlogged, but also to pinpoint where the breakdown of that unlogged lead may be occurring. Understanding this not only allows you to course-correct the specific issue but also uncover additional information about your sales process.

Seeing the Qualified Prospects You Would Have Missed

The foundation of Safety Net is patented Foureyes tracking. Foureyes records what your shoppers are doing on your site, including every visit, phone call, form, filter, chat, and page view. Through a combination of AI and real human review, Foureyes will ensure you see not just every lead, but that you have visibility into qualified prospects, or leads that have shown buying intent. 

You’ll also be able to quickly see some important breakdowns:

  • View by day
  • Method of contact (call, form, or chat)
  • Purchased list with name and vehicle 

These views allow you to quickly identify trends, and the details, like the specific form used, give you insight into exactly what went wrong. Plus, seeing customers who you would have lost makes the abstract issue of “sales process breakdown” more concrete. 

Real World Example: Form Misfortune
After using Safety Net for a few months, one customer noticed an uptick in prospects who were missing in the CRM and was added by Foureyes. All of the missed prospects came via a form and the client quickly saw that an inventory lead form, which was recently updated by a vendor, was the reason leads were missed. The customer was able to fix the integration between the form and their CRM to prevent future issues.

View Missed Calls to Monitor Phone Slip-Ups

Missed calls reporting shows you calls from qualified prospects with buying intent that you may have missed. Again, this list highlights those people who are true potential customers. 

You can see the contact’s name and vehicle of interest, as well as a transcript and recording of the call. These details help you identify phone handling trends, whether you see missed calls during a particular time of day or day or the week, and correct the situation as quickly as possible. 

Quick views include:

  • View by day
  • Time of day
  • Visual breakdown of time and day
Real World Example: Weekend Overwhelm
When one client saw an increase in missed calls, the trend was clear: a majority of the calls came on the weekend. While the team had noticed that weekends had gotten busier on the floor, they hadn’t realized the consequence of the additional traffic on their phone lines. They were able to quickly adjust staffing and fix the issue. 

Common Trends for Sales Process Breakdowns

After recovering thousands of qualified sales prospects and helping dealers address the underlying issues, we’ve seen a few trends. 

  • A spike in recovered forms or chats could indicate an issue with your website and CRM integration. We’ve unfortunately seen horror stories of a CRM going down that would have cost the dealership entire days’ worth of leads. 
  • A spike in recovered calls could indicate an issue in how a specific person is logging leads. This could be due to a new employee who wasn’t trained in the process effectively or a team member who doesn’t consistently use the CRM.

Of course, trends take time to appear, and at times, there aren’t easily identifiable trends. If you have a spike in the number of recovered prospects, but your overall lead numbers have also increased, this might be a natural reflection of an increase in your pipeline. 

But more importantly, with additional information, you’ll get better visibility into how your sales process is working while protecting your pipeline. 

Connect with your Foureyes team to get help spotting potential issues in your sales process, or start your 30-day free trial of Safety Net to get going today.