With demand returning, dealers are once again turning dials on their marketing spend and pricing strategies to bring in those leads, move units, and stay competitive.

But which dials need to be turned, and how far, to ensure they are getting leads for inventory that actually need leads? And to ensure those leads efficiently and effectively worked?

We partnered with Urban Science to show new data intended to help dealers answer that question. By understanding how many leads are needed, per make and model, to make a sale, dealers will be more equipped to evaluate processes, identify areas for improvement, and course-correct, making it easier than ever to know which vehicles need more or less marketing. In the webinar, we review: 

  • Defection data by brand and how dealers can use that to inform their sales process
  • Demand vs sales data by YMM to help dealers know if they generally need more or less leads

Watch the recording to gain a better understanding of sales performance and answer this question: “Is it me? Or is it someone (or something else?)”