PORTLAND, Ore. (PRWEB) January 2, 2020

Foureyes, the sales intelligence software company, announced it will unveil additional product modules and features for automotive dealers at the NADA Show 2020, February 14-17 in Las Vegas.

Known for its patented technology that collects user-level data to make software that improves the sales experience for everyone, Foureyes is expanding from two to four product modules and has added 100+ new features that empower businesses to improve close rates. “We saw the impact that Foureyes’ patented technology had for auto dealerships and knew there were additional product modules we could launch to help dealerships sell more efficiently and effectively,” says David Steinberg, inventor and CEO of Foureyes.

Details about each Foureyes module are below:

  • Omni-Tracking: Make smarter sales and marketing decisions by understanding leads and knowing where they come from. Track every form, chat, and phone call lead with patented user-level website tracking.    
  • Prospect Engagement: Automatically email leads about inventory that perfectly matches their shopping preferences. Book more appointments without lifting a finger.
  • Sales Enablement: Turn website activity into lead intelligence to improve close rates. Spot new deals, improve follow-up, and take sales to the next level.
  • Safety Net: Ensure leads stay in the sales pipeline. Get visibility into dealership operations like never before, while AI and human analysts filter out the noise and provide insight into sales experience.

Steinberg goes on to say, “Existing sales tools for dealers often require a change in process or salesperson behavior. With Foureyes, we focused on innovative solutions that generate big results through incremental changes. This way, dealerships can launch products separately or together and with little to no overhead, dramatically increase efficiency and improve their sales.”

Dealers can experience Foureyes at NADA Show 2020 by visiting booth #6642N. To learn more about any of the Foureyes products, schedule a demo at foureyes.io/demo, call (971) 352-3494, or visit foureyes.io/nada-2020.

About Foureyes
Foureyes sales intelligence software helps businesses track, qualify, engage, and sell better. For more information, visit https://www.foureyes.io.