Announcing a new integration with Google Analytics, the leading analytics platform, to allow more actionable marketing measurement

PORTLAND, Ore. (August 07, 2018)

Foureyes, the sales intelligence platform, today announced that it now integrates with Google Analytics to enable segmenting traffic based on sales prospects and sold vehicles. This integration allows dealers to track marketing performance beyond clicks, time on site, and bounce rate to incorporate qualified leads and sales measurement within the leading digital analytics platform.

As a sales intelligence platform, Foureyes combines sales data from the CRM with qualified lead data from phone calls, forms, and chats to offer complete visibility into website shopping behavior. Now, this information is integrated with Google Analytics, extending tracking and reporting all the way through the sales pipeline. Previously companies that sell offline, like automotive dealers, could only see where their website visitors were coming from with Google Analytics, but the new Foureyes integration extends the view to show where qualified leads and sales come from as well.

“By integrating Foureyes with Google Analytics, businesses that sell offline now have the kind of information e-commerce practitioners have had for more than a decade,” says David Steinberg, CEO of Foureyes. “When you are actively working to generate qualified leads and sales, your reporting needs to reflect that information, not just traffic. That’s what makes the Foureyes integration with Google Analytics so valuable.”

Through the Foureyes integration with Google Analytics, companies will be able to see their Quality Sales Prospects (QSPs) and Cars Sold data from Foureyes in Google Analytics. This includes tracking by Channel, Source/Medium, as well as the ability to leverage Goal Flows and the Google Analytics attribution options.

“Reviews of the first few Google Analytics accounts have been pretty startling,” says Steinberg. “When you are looking at your sources of traffic, it’s easy to think things are going well or that there’s a terrible problem. But once you see how qualified traffic behaves vs. everyone else—removing the noise of solicitors and casual browsers—the story becomes clearer. The data gives you an actionable plan to improve business performance. It’s empowering.”

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