The Situation

Chapman Auto Group understands the art of the sale and encourages their rooftops to trust their instincts. They support this with data that augments and substantiates those gut feelings about their vendors, budget, and other strategies.

The challenge for the Philadelphia-based group, however, was their data was siloed and piecemealed. Bringing it together into an organized, usable format that delivered timely insights was a massive hurdle.

The Solution

The Chapman Auto Group team originally tried to develop an in-house solution, but were challenged by the technical complexities, time, and labor required to compile and normalize the data.

So when they crossed paths with Foureyes and saw how the Unified Data Platform (UDP) could collect and connect their data for them, they saw a clear path to getting exponentially faster results than they had expected.

The Results

Simply put: The Foureyes UDP enabled visibility into vendor and tactic attribution. Chapman Auto Group can now optimize their digital advertising mix – both doubling down on what works and/or removing underperforming tactics and vendors. 

Or in short: no more guesswork. Just objective data. Fast.

The UDP has helped Chapman Auto Group save thousands of dollars by:

  • Seeing first, last, and multi-touch lead attribution (vs. giving credit to just the first, or just the last touch, before a sale)
  • Building stronger vendor relationships through more educated, objective ROI conversations based on the objective data
  • Seeing that what works for one store doesn’t necessarily work for all stores
  • Examining the lead handling process from start to finish

“The UDP allows us to react to changing market environments. We use the data from the UDP to optimize our business strategy and make sure we’re getting the best ROI possible,” said Keane Storey, Director of Business Development at Chapman Auto Group. “It’s made my job a lot easier.”

About the Foureyes Unified Data Platform

The Foureyes Unified Data Platform collects and connects disparate data (CRM, website, and inventory) and gives dealer groups a pre-built suite of reports that finally lets them use their own data to make faster, more effective decisions.