Foureyes Tap

Foureyes Tap


Call monitoring

Calls are tracked and recorded, even when a phone call is missed.

Form monitoring

Web forms are tracked and data is recorded, even when forms break or a lead forgets to click submit.

Chat monitoring

Chats are tracked and data is recorded, even when a team member is not available to respond.

Lead logging to CRM

Leads that go unlogged are automatically logged in your CRM.

Call recording

Calls from your website are recorded and provided for future listening.

Call summaries

Call summaries provide the important details about every phone call from your website.

​Dynamic number insertion

Website call tracking uses a unique phone number for each user, tracking source and activity for web visitors.

Lead analysis

AI and human analysts verify which of your website leads show an interest in buying cars.

Web-to-call linking

Foureyes patented technology ties phone leads to their historical website activities.

Lead activity logs

See full website history and CRM notes for each individual lead in their profile.

Risk tagging

Tags highlight when a lead is being mishandled.

Opportunity tagging

Tags highlight when a lead is back in-market.

Search & filter

In-app search, sort, and filter of specific criteria.

Lead alerts

Real-time alerts delivered by email or text about time-sensitive lead activity.

Daily lead lists

Automatic, daily emails include leads prioritized by recent activity.

Site & systems notifications

Emails sent when Foureyes identifies issues with your website or systems.

Website integration

One line of code enables website monitoring and dynamic number insertion.

CRM integration

Compatibility available for major inventory-specific, web-based CRMs.

Google Analytics integration

Sales lead and sold data is integrated directly into Google Analytics.

Marketing reporting

Attribution analytics show where your leads come from and how they convert.

Sales reporting

Sales metrics include process quality, unlogged leads, missed calls, and mishandled leads.

Systems reporting

Site and systems intelligence shows CRM health and average call wait times.

Industry benchmarks

Benchmarks for specific OEMs show dealer results against key performance indicators.


Team performance benchmarks showing monthly sales data by team member.

Roles & permissions

User-level permissions provide salespeople and managers with only the information they need.

User level preferences

Preferences are configurable, giving each user control over notifications and other personal settings.


Live technical support available by phone or email.

Dedicated onboarding

Set up and onboard with a dedicated implementation specialist.

Ongoing training & coaching

Dedicated product specialists provide deep dives into process problems, advanced trainings, and ongoing consultation.

Getting started is easy

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