Foureyes Tap

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sales doesn't have to be so hard. This sales optimization system spots opportunities in real-time, protects from sales pitfalls, and improves CRM utilization. Increase the close rate of your web leads with Foureyes Tap.

With Foureyes Tap, you can

Save Time

Stop wasting time and following up on non-sales inquiries when only true sales leads get filtered into your pipeline.

Improve Follow-Up

Know exactly what inventory, price point, and features your leads want to improve the effectiveness of your conversations.

Maximize Leads

Save leads from falling out of your funnel and see who is in-market to make more sales from your existing pipeline.

Fix Sales Process

Understand where leads are coming from and how they are closing with insights to spot problems early and make better decisions.

How does Foureyes Tap work?

Simple implementation. Dramatic sales transformation.

1. Monitors all website activity

Tap monitors each visitor's activities on your website, recording calls, searches, filters, financing quotes, forms, chats and page views.

2. Connects web activity to your CRM

Once AI & human analysts identify a sales lead, Tap looks in your CRM to verify they were recorded. If the lead is missing, Tap adds it to your CRM and appends web activity.

3. Sends smart notifications

Sales teams receive daily lead lists and real-time alerts as people continue shopping inventory. Notifications include who is actively shopping and what they are viewing.

4. Spots opportunities

When leads are actively shopping and not receiving follow up, Foureyes flags those opportunities including leads presumed lost or leads that didn't make it to your CRM.


Built to complement your sales process

Call, form, chat monitoring

All web lead actions are recorded and tracked, even when phone calls are missed or technology breaks.

Opportunity and risk flagging

Leads are highlighted when shoppers are back in-market or Tap identifies a process breakdown.

Lead logging to CRM

Leads that go unlogged are automatically logged in the CRM and flagged for process improvement.

Reporting and analytics

Identify the source of your sales and evaluate overall team performance.

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Use Cases

Optimization tools for your whole team

Salespeople use Tap to better handle their web leads.

Each salesperson gets a daily lead list. It highlights who is in market, what they are interested in, and flags any opportunities that look troubled. Salespeople also get real-time alerts about active leads so they can follow-up at the right time.

Managers use Tap to strengthen their sales process.

Managers get their own daily lead list, organized by salesperson, that highlights potential risks so action can be taken to prevent them. Team analytics and lead alerts allow managers to spot process problems, identify coaching opportunities, and know when technical systems break down.

GMs use Tap to make better decisions and drive growth.

GMs get reporting and lead analytics about where their leads come from, how they close them, and where issues persist. This visibility enables GMs to make every month a better month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tap improve my close rate?

The increased visibility that Tap provides increases close rates by saving time, enabling more effective follow-up, maximizing your lead pipeline, and refining your sales and marketing process. Missed calls stay in your pipeline, cold leads reveal themselves as active shoppers, and broken forms are caught early.

Why would I want Tap when I have a CRM?

Tap is not a CRM. Instead, Tap acts as a layer between your website and your CRM that delivers new insights about your leads’ shopping activities.

Does Tap generate leads?

No. Tap is not a lead generation tool. We don’t generate leads. Instead, Tap provides new lead insights, stops leads from falling out of your funnel, and highlights leads that are back in-market so you get more sales out of your existing pipeline.

Is Tap only for large dealerships?

No. If people visit your website, then Tap can improve your close rate. We see success with dealerships of all sizes.

Does Tap work with my existing call tracking solution?

Yes. One of the key components of our patented call tracking is that it can overlay an existing phone tracking solution without breaking it. This allows you to use Tap and any additional call tracking solutions you have in place.

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Getting started is easy

Request a live product tour with a Foureyes expert.
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