Foureyes 20/20

Foureyes 20/20


Suggested Vehicles emails

Notifications that suggest inventory similar to a contact's shopping activity.

Price Drop emails

Notifications that share inventory price changes based on a contact's shopping activity.

Not Available emails

Notifications sent when a contact's vehicle of interest have sold and suggesting available vehicles that match their interests.

Promotion banners

Banners added to emails to promote specific incentives.

Customizable templates

Customize email templates with branded colors, logos, and CTAs.

Campaign management

Dynamic content creation, cadence, setup, and sends.

Web inventory monitoring

Website inventory is tracked for changes in stock, price, incentives, and new vehicles added.

Contact activity logs

Logs show website activity, email history, and CRM notes for each individual contact.

Active shopper reports

Weekly updates with contacts prioritized by recent website activity and other account engagement metrics.

Website integration

One line of code enables capture of shopping activity, and contact data from forms and chats.

CRM integration

Compatibility available for major inventory-specific, web-based CRMs.

Account level preferences

Configure which email types to send and other account level settings.

Live support

Live technical support available by phone or email.

Engagement dashboard

Email engagement metrics including subcriber count, emails sent, open rates, click rates, and more.

Sales reporting

Sales metrics including cars sold, close rate, and close rate by channel of email subscribers.

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