Win at Sales

Salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and buyers—we all want a smooth sales process. Foureyes products make sales better for everyone.

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Sales Optimization

Foureyes Tap translates the traffic on your website into insights to help you improve the close rate of your web leads. You'll get real-time opportunity spotting, protection from sales pitfalls, and improved CRM utilization. All without logging in to a separate system.

  • Call, form, chat monitoring
  • Lead logging to CRM
  • Opportunity and risk flagging
  • Reporting and analytics
Outbound Communication

Foureyes 20/20 automatically notifies prospects about changes to inventory they are interested in, moving them closer to the sale. By leveraging your existing work, 20/20 delivers personalized communication at scale—with no additional time or effort.

  • Suggested vehicle, price drop, and sold updates
  • Web inventory monitoring
  • Campaign management
  • Active shopper reports