Prospect Engagement


Auto-add subscribers

Automatically add email subscribers from CRM and any new website form and chat leads.

Behavior-based email campaigns

Emails that share pricing changes, changes in stock, suggested inventory, and more based on shopper behavior on your website–automatically generated and sent.

Promotion banners

Banners added to emails to promote specific incentives.

Test drive scheduling

Auto-scheduler tool enables booking test drive appointments from emails.

Customizable templates

Customize email templates with branded colors, logos, and CTAs.

Custom suppression rules

Email suppression rules dictated by your specific CRM lead statuses or prospect inventory interest.

Email engagement reporting

Email engagement analytics including subscriber count, emails sent, open rates, click rates, and more.

Email Engagement CRM notes

Notes automatically added to the CRM each time a prospect receives, opens, or clicks an email.

Email Privacy Filter

Filter out "bot-activity" from your email activity reports.

Weekly Report Email

Weekly email delivering key metrics on number of emails sent and details on who interacted with them.

Web visit tracking

Webpage visits are tracked for anonymous visitors and identified leads. Associated website history is appended once a lead has been identified via lead action.

Web inventory tracking

Website inventory is tracked for changes in stock, price, incentives, and new vehicles added.

Form tracking

Web forms are tracked and data is recorded, even when forms break or a lead forgets to click submit.

Chat tracking

Chats are tracked and data is recorded, even when a chat goes unanswered.

Lead activity logs

See full website history and CRM notes for each individual lead. Available with CRM integration only.

Export to .csv

Download leads and tracked data via simple .csv export option.

Search, sort, & filter

In-app search, sort, and filter of specific criteria.

Web-to-call linking

Foureyes patented technology ties phone leads to their historical and any future website activities.

Call recordings & transcriptions

Phone calls from your website are recorded and transcribed for future listening.

Always Included
Analytics & reporting

User-level website inventory and lead analytics, plus key business intelligence metrics.

Account & user preferences

Preferences are configurable, giving each account and user control over relevant settings.

Live support

Live technical support available by phone or email.

Ongoing training & coaching

Deep dives into performance, advanced trainings, and ongoing consultation with a dedicated product specialist.

Getting started is easy

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