Website Tracking
Web visit tracking

Webpage visits are tracked for anonymous visitors and identified leads. All tracked website history is appended post-lead action.

Web inventory tracking

Website inventory is tracked for changes in stock, price, incentives, and new vehicles added.

Form tracking

Web forms are tracked and data is recorded, even when forms break or a lead forgets to click submit.

Chat tracking

Chats are tracked and data is recorded, even when a chat goes unanswered.

Lead activity logs

See full website history and CRM notes for each individual lead. Available with CRM integration only.

Export to .csv

Download leads and tracked data via simple .csv export option.

Search, sort, & filter

In-app search, sort, and filter of specific criteria.

Attribution reporting

Attribution analytics showing where your leads come from and how they convert.

Weekly Report Email

Weekly email delivering key metrics on how many leads are generated and where they're coming from.

Reporting Dashboard

See how many leads are generated, where they're coming from, how they're closing, and how customer interests shift over time.

New lead alerts

Real-time alerts delivered by email or text about new lead activity.

Lead analysis

AI and human analysts review each of your incoming website leads from forms, chat, and phone calls.

Lead filtering

AI and human analysts filter the non-sales website leads from those interested in buying your inventory.

CRM integration (optional)

Compatibility available for major inventory-specific, web-based CRMs.

Google Analytics integration (optional)

Sales lead and sold data integrated directly into Google Analytics.

Phone Tracking
Call monitoring

Calls are tracked and recorded.

Web-to-call linking

Foureyes patented technology ties phone leads to their historical and any future website activities.

Dynamic number insertion

Website call tracking uses a unique phone number for each user, tracking source and activity for web visitors.

Call recordings & transcriptions

Phone calls from your website are recorded and transcribed for future listening.

Bot & spam call removal

Callers from your website identified as spam or bots are blocked and your company's number is removed.

Static Call Tracking

Access to 10 tracking phone numbers you can use at your discretion. Listen to audio recordings and review caller details.

Always Included
Analytics & reporting

User-level website inventory and lead analytics, plus key business intelligence metrics.

Account & user preferences

Preferences are configurable, giving each account and user control over relevant settings.

Live support

Live technical support available by phone or email.

Ongoing training & coaching

Deep dives into performance, advanced trainings, and ongoing consultation with a dedicated product specialist.

Getting started is easy

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