How Foureyes just works

The gold behind the glitter

Talk to our customers and you'll hear, "Foureyes just works." This is because of our data platform.

The Foureyes data platform unifies a dealership's key shopper data. This includes user-level website tracking, call tracking, CRM data, and inventory data. The data is collected through integrations with 100+ automotive vendors, then connected for a robust view of each customer.

Collect, Connect, Visualize, Activate

The Foureyes data platform enables dealership to be data-driven without the time commitment of a CDP using a four-step process:

  • Automatically collect data from your website, CRM, phone calls, and inventory
  • Unify disparate data to create a single view of each customer
  • Visualize the data to validate what you have and identify insights
  • Activate the data to make measurable improvements to close rates

Data privacy and protection

Foureyes maintains the highest standards of security and compliance to protect dealerships and your customer data. We understand the value of your data, protect it aggressively, and are transparent about how it's used. The company is SOC-2 (Type 2) certified, FTC Safeguards and CCPA compliant, and speaks in plain language about what we're doing and how you can maintain control. Because you already have enough to worry about.

Data solutions

Connections to serve dealers

Foureyes partners throughout the automotive ecosystem to customize data solutions that increase visibility and data access without compromising dealer or customer privacy concerns. If you're struggling with the fragmented data of automotive retail, Foureyes may be able to help.


Automotive integrations


Sites with user tracking


Sites with inventory tracking
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Building a unified data platform in automotive is hard and expensive. It's worth exploring if Foureyes can help you get where you want to be faster.