Why Foureyes?

Connecting automotive data. Without bias.

What data do you use to make decisions about your automotive dealership’s sales and marketing performance? If your data is sourced from a dozen or so systems and vendors, it’s hard to tell what’s accurate or mistaken. Directional or cherry-picked.

Foureyes helps your dealership to see the bigger picture without the bias.

Collect, Connect,
and Visualize Your Data

With a simple setup, Foureyes enables auto dealerships to become data driven:

  • Collect data from your website, CRM, and trusted vendor sites
  • Connect using systems designed to reconnect disparate auto data
  • Visualize the data so that any business person can see the big picture
  • Activate the data to make measurable improvements to your close rate

But it doesn't end with dealerships.


Websites across your enterprise hold a rich trove of data. Foureyes helps you unlock it while maintaining dealer confidentiality.
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Your dealership customers look to you to provide answers to tough questions. Foureyes helps you get to the data you need to be the go-to place for solutions.


You believe absolutely in the value you deliver to dealerships. Foureyes helps you get the unbiased proof you need to turn faith into fact.


Fuel your sales ecosystem

Accessing the data needed to drive dealership success is possible. Foureyes partners throughout the automotive ecosystem to customize data solutions that increase visibility and data access without compromising dealer or customer privacy concerns.

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