For the fifth consecutive year, Foureyes is releasing new automotive industry benchmarks. This data is intended to help dealers and dealer groups compare their performance against the industry and track trends in how leads behave – all in an effort to help you know what it takes to beat the competition and exceed your sales and marketing goals in 2023.

This year, Foureyes tracked, analyzed, and aggregated data from December 2021 - November 2022, which included more than: 

    • 700 million dealer website visits 
    • 11 million unique pieces of inventory 
    • 21,500 automotive dealership websites (including group sites) 

To provide clear benchmarks, this report filters out website activity from bots, solicitors, job seekers, service customers, and other non-sales leads that dealers nationwide received. 

Let’s get started!

Mishandled Leads

Dealers don’t want to leave prospects hanging out to dry – e.g. unlogged leads to CRMs, missed calls or delayed follow-up, but it still happens …

37% of qualified leads were “mishandled”

    • 45.6% of those were from website calls
    • 33.9% from forms
    • 28% from chat

Oops! 12.4% of qualified leads were never logged to the CRM

    • 26.4% of those were from website calls
    • 8.2% from forms
    • 3.4% from chat


    • 70-second median hold time for calls that were answered
    • 4.7% of calls were missed (from qualified leads). This is a year-over-year improvement (6.5% from our 2022 report)

Don’t you forget about me 🙁

    • 66.2% of qualified leads didn’t hear back from dealers within 24 hours of their return visit to a site. Note: Qualified lead must have already submitted a form, chat, or website call before returning to site.

Lead Attribution

Here’s a funnel breakdown of more than 63 million dealership website visitors across the United States. Calls via dealer websites generated the most “Leads,” however Forms accounted for the most “Qualified Leads” (i.e. those actually in the market to buy) and “Sold Leads.”

Days to Close

Among qualified leads that buy, most (56.9%+) do so within three days of filling out a form, chat, or website call. 

    • Closed within 3 days: 56.9%
    • Closed within 7 days: 70.9%
    • Closed within 14 days: 79.8%
    • Closed within 30 days: 87.7%

Leads by Channel

Which channels are dealers using to not just generate leads, but generate the right leads that will actually buy? (i.e. “Qualified” and “Sold” leads)

Inventory Volume Change

Beat These Benchmarks

Take advantage of these industry insights to help you make better sales and marketing decisions.

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