Power to the Salespeople

Power to the Salespeople

Increase close rates. Recover lost leads. Improve marketing ROI.

Foureyes®  tracks your prospects’ online activity and phone calls and provides your sales team with real-time information about their shopping behavior. By connecting data from your CRM and website, Foureyes helps you keep more quality prospects in your funnel, convert more of those prospects into sales, and spend your marketing dollars smarter.

  • 22%

    of 'lost' leads are still shopping your website

  • 17%

    leads saved from going 'unlogged' per month

  • 4x

    average monthly ROI for dealers on Foureyes

How Foureyes Works

  • Qsp
    Save Time with Accurate Lead Qualification

    Analyzes your calls and forms so only qualified sales prospects make it into your sales pipeline.

  • Missing 20 Of Your Leads
    Patch Your Sales Funnel

    Stops leads from slipping through the cracks and recover lost leads with consistent tracking of your prospects.

  • Improve Close Rates
    Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

    Provides data about where your best leads come from so you can make smarter decisions about your marketing and advertising allocation.

  • Sales Tem Into High Performers
    Boost Close Rates with Real-Time Notifications

    Identifies when prospects are back on your website and provides notifications about these active prospects in real-time.

From Our Customers

"Foureyes has become a key part of our daily appointment setting process. We continually find people who we don't think are in the market and we are able to follow up and set appointments. Calling Foureyes a 'game changer' would be an understatement."

Great Lakes dealership

"Good dealers take their virtual showroom seriously. Foureyes helps me see what my customers are doing in my virtual showroom. It helps me strike the iron when it's hot. Customers can be hours, days, months out, but Foureyes helps me engage customers all along the way."

Great Lakes dealership

"Foureyes directly helped us close a deal. We saw a customer we hadn't heard from in a long time on our Coffee Report.  We contacted them immediately, they visited the dealership, and purchased a car!"

Northeast dealership

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