Source: Foureyes

In response to the nationwide inventory shortage, automotive prices have increased sharply in recent months.

To help keep track of these changes over time, Foureyes published a new data visualization based on some of the publicly-available data we use to power our products. Our latest interactive dashboard allows you to explore how new and used inventory prices are trending by body type, brand, and model. The dataset will be updated once a week and makes it easy to monitor weekly, monthly, and yearly changes.

New and Used Inventory Pricing

At first glance, this story is pretty clear. Both new and used inventory prices are on the rise. By hovering over the new inventory price line, you can view the details of average price and percent off MSRP, along with week-over-week, month-over-month, and year-over-year pricing changes.

U.S. New Auto Inventory Price Data

The used inventory graph is similar. Hover to see average price and percent change across various time periods.

U.S. Used Auto Inventory Price Data

Explore By Body Type and Brand

Filter to specific brands and body types using the drop-downs menus. Then compare how pricing has changed by body type, brand, or model in the tables and graphs below. Select different timeframes to sort the results by greatest year-over-year, month-over-month, or week-over-week percent change in price.

Hover over any line to see both average price and percent off MSRP for that body type, brand, or model.

New Prices Over Time and Type Data

All drill-down and filter selections apply to used inventory as well as new. Hover over any line to see the average price and how it has changed since the previous week, month, and year.

Used Prices Over Time and Type Data

Learn More

If you’re interested in additional data and resources, visit our data hub or reach out directly and a member of our data science team can help provide a deeper data dive. For press inquiries or a custom dataset, please contact [email protected].