Volkswagen Dealer Digital has selected Foureyes®, a sales intelligence platform, as a certified solution for Volkswagen dealers.

PORTLAND, Ore. (August 14, 2018)

Volkswagen Dealer Digital has selected Foureyes®, a sales intelligence platform, as a certified solution for Volkswagen dealers. The goal of Foureyes is to put relevant, actionable sales data in the hands of salespeople and empower them to sell more. Foureyes is different from other auto sales tools due to its patented phone call tracking. It’s the only technology that can tie a phone call, form, and chat back to a web visitor’s page visit history. By leveraging that data to provide positivity and direction to salespeople, Foureyes is revolutionizing how organizations develop sales processes and interact with prospects to improve performance.

Foureyes is the patented technology from Adpearance, a marketing and sales intelligence company whose digital advertising and search engine optimization services are also certified with Volkswagen Dealer Digital. With the new certification of Foureyes, Adpearance can offer Volkswagen dealers Foureyes at a preferential price point. All certified services and technologies from Adpearance are also eligible for IDM (individual dealer marketing) funds for VW dealers.

“Adpearance is excited to expand our offerings and further develop relationships with VW dealers across the country. With our various Volkswagen certified, technology-driven solutions now available, Adpearance and VW can continue to partner to achieve everyone's goal—help dealers sell more cars!” says David Steinberg, Co-founder of Adpearance and Inventor of Foureyes.

With their new and existing services certifications, Adpearance is now a one-stop shop for VW dealers’ digital marketing needs. Details about all IDM eligible solutions are below:

  1. Digital Advertising: Customized, highly targeted paid search, display, and video advertising campaigns drive success for dealers. 
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Site optimization and monitoring, enhanced keyword optimization, content creation, and local SEO services keep dealerships relevant and easily found. 
  3. Foureyes: Using patented technology that tracks your website and phone calls, the platform provides dealerships with complete visibility into their prospects’ shopping activity to improve close rates and sell more cars.

To request a Foureyes demo or to learn about any of the certified digital marketing services available to Volkswagen dealers through Adpearance, call us at (971) 352-3494.

About Adpearance 
Adpearance is a marketing and sales intelligence company based in Portland, OR. Using a combination of technology and service, Adpearance helps clients who sell offline create better buying experiences that drive more sales. These transformations are made possible with Foureyes®, our sales intelligence platform, as well as services that address problems with websites, search, awareness, and customer relationships. For more information, visit