Foureyes® 20/20, an outbound communication tool, has been announced as a certified solution for Kia dealers.

PORTLAND, Ore. (May 07, 2019)

Foureyes® 20/20 has been announced as a certified solution for Kia dealers. 20/20 sends customer leads automated, personalized updates specific to the inventory they are interested in, similar to ecommerce emails. Leveraging Foureyes’ patented user and inventory tracking, 20/20 modernizes dealer follow-up and helps dealers increase close rates. The tool’s Vehicle of Interest Algorithm uses machine learning to pair prospects with vehicle suggestions based on their browsing history which has been shown to increase close rates while enhancing productivity for sales teams.

“Foureyes 20/20 brings ecommerce-style outbound communication to automotive, and we know that Kia dealers will be even more successful now that this technology is a part of the Kia Digital Program,” says David Steinberg, co-founder and CEO of Adpearance. “With this certification, Adpearance provides a complete suite of digital marketing solutions and sales intelligence technology for Kia dealerships. We’re excited to partner in new ways to achieve the shared goal of helping dealers be more successful.”

Foureyes is the patented sales intelligence platform from Adpearance, a marketing and sales intelligence company whose digital marketing services are also certified within the Kia Digital Program. With this certification, Adpearance can offer Foureyes 20/20 to Kia dealers at a preferential price point. All certified services and technologies from Adpearance are also eligible for Digital Advertising Support (DAS) for Kia dealers.

With their new and existing certifications, Adpearance is a full-service digital provider for Kia dealerships. Details about featured DAS eligible solutions are below: 

  • Foureyes 20/20: An outbound communication tool that delivers personalized inventory updates designed to improve engagement with leads.
  • Foureyes Tap: A sales optimization system that spots opportunities in real-time, protects from sales pitfalls, and improves CRM utilization to increase close rates.
  • Digital Advertising: Customized, highly-targeted paid search, display, and video advertising campaigns drive success for dealers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Site optimization and monitoring, enhanced keyword optimization, content creation, and local SEO services keep dealerships relevant and easily found.

To learn more about the certified Foureyes products or digital marketing services available to Kia dealers through Adpearance, schedule a demo or call us at (971) 352-3494.

About Foureyes 
Foureyes is the sales intelligence platform by Adpearance. The mission of Foureyes is to empower salespeople with actionable data and applications that rehumanize sales. For more information, visit

About Adpearance 
Adpearance is a marketing and sales intelligence company based in Portland, OR. Using a combination of technology and service, Adpearance helps clients drive more sales. For more information, visit