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What is Foureyes?

Foureyes is a new, exciting platform that gives you unprecedented visibility into what your customers are actually doing during their car buying experience online. By combining lead monitoring with advanced web analytics and human analysts, Foureyes can tell you:

  • what anyone who calls you or fills out a form has done on your website
  • whenever a hot sales prospect returns to your website
  • if the lead made it into your CRM -- and if not, we add it for you
  • things you need to know about your customer's buying intent to help close the sale

Our human analysts distill this information into clear, actionable call lists that are designed to get your salespeople on the phone with the right people at the right time.

Why should I be interested?

Foureyes helps your sales team or BDC sell more cars. Foureyes gives you new visibility into your customers and additionally, through our Business Intelligence, we help you fine tune your sales process.

What can it do for me?

Aside from increasing your monthly car sales, Foureyes connects the dots between your digital efforts and your sales. It also gives your entire operation super strength. With Foureyes, you will:

  • Gain visibility into the direct impact of advertising on sales
  • Clearly see your customer’s position in the purchase cycle
  • Understand how to engage with a new customer
  • Learn when it is best to reconnect with a returning customer
  • Identify a number of missed leads and turn them into sales
  • Achieve a higher level of accountability with your team
  • Be able to watch sales people work leads
  • Recognize your weakest and strongest areas in the sales process
How does it work?

Foureyes is a patent pending superpower. In short, it’s able to link phone calls, browsing activity, and lead forms together through our innovative technology. On top of this, we layer human analysts and more patent pending technology to make sure salespeople are following up with your hot prospects.

How does it increase car sales and leads?

Timing is everything and Foureyes is designed to greatly improve this. The increased visibility that Foureyes provides leads to great opportunities with customers. Missed calls become strong leads. Cold leads reveal themselves as active shoppers. It’s a powerful tool that helps sales teams engage and re-engage with customers.

What makes it different than other tools?

There are many features that make Foureyes a shining star in your sales process. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Foureyes links phone callers to their website activity as well as form submissions. Most other tools, just focus on form submissions and therefore you lose the ability to track 70% of your leads.
  • Foureyes is platform agnostic. By simply adding some code to your website, Foureyes can work on any platform you choose. You don't need to buy a website from us or spend days and weeks customizing code.
  • Foureyes can work across multiple websites. If you are running landing pages or have multiple websites, Foureyes can work seamlessly across them all to show you how your customer activity across all your web properties.
  • Foureyes finds leads not in your CRM and adds them for you. The ability to report on percentage of leads you are missing allows you to fine tune your sales process with new visibility.
  • Foureyes allows you to reengage missed prospects (people who call and don't leave a message or get ahold of anyone) in a very efficient manner.
  • Foureyes is NOT A CRM but it can efficiently transmit data into your CRM and be customized to your sales process.
  • Once you have Foureyes, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • And lastly, Foureyes is priced to be a cost-efficient winner for your company.
Is this out of our league? We're just a small dealership.

Size doesn’t matter! If people are visiting your website then Foureyes is the missing piece to help you capitalize on your web traffic. We have big impacts on all sizes of dealerships.

How do I learn more?

Call us! Don’t wait two days and call us all casual like you don’t like us. Just call us already! (971) 352 -3494

We also provide demos and they’re a great way to spend 20 minutes. You’ll laugh, you might cry when you realize all the opportunities you've been missing, and it will likely change your approach to your Internet Strategy.

Enrollment & Pricing

How much does it cost?

Foureyes utilizes the power of the #Nerdherd, our staff here at Adpearance. Pricing is based on the number of web leads a dealer receives per month, which translates directly into how many nerds will be working on your account. More traffic = more nerds.

Is your monthly pricing stabilized or does it change?

Our intent is not to nickel-and-dime our customers. If you consistently get more leads than your web cap allows, we will address placing you in the correct pricing tier; similarily, if you consistently receive less, we will lower your price.

How long is the contract length? Month to month? 6 Months?

Contracts are month to month! Relax, you aren’t locked into any long term commitments. The only caveat to this is OEM Promotions that sometimes require a longer committment. In these cases, you can still exit the contract however you may be required to pay the OEM funded portion of your Foureyes service.

How do I enroll in Foureyes?

Right here! Enroll today.

Can I enroll my whole group or have Foureyes on multiple sites?

Yes. You can place Foureyes on multiple sites. We have multiple ways to set this up to work best with your sales process.

How much time does it take to get setup?

The Foureyes setup process requires 5 - 10 minutes of your time. We then place our tracking on your website and let it collect data for 5 - 10 days before launching it with your team. The setup page is located here if you want to see how quick and easy it is.


Do you see this working well with a BDC?

Yes! Foureyes will work within any sales structure. Foureyes can fit right in to your team and start making an impact immediately.

How does Foureyes work with existing call tracking solutions?

One of the key components of the Foureyes patent pending phone tracking is that it can overlay an existing phone tracking solution without breaking it. This allows you to use Foureyes AND any additional phone tracking solutions you have in place.

Do you have a list of CRMs you integrate with?

Our list of the CRM's we play nice with is growing by the day. If you can access your CRM via the web, chances are we can integrate with it.

Is Foureyes legal?

Yes. We do require a modification to your privacy policy to clearly state what information Foureyes collects and what we do with it. Luckily, our Foureyes script can insert our Foureyes privacy policy for you so it does not require extra work on your behalf.

FCA Digital Dealers

I'm currently working with Adpearance for digital marketing and SEO. Is this different than Adpearance's certified digital marketing ?

Yes. Our reporting tools are powered by the Foureyes engine; however, Foureyes products are designed to take actionable sales data and give you new, exciting sales powers.

Is this product PAP eligible?

We are PAP eligible for the first 6 months of dealer funded service and are working exclusively with Chrysler stores and their associated automotive groups. PAP claims will be automatically submitted on your behalf by the FCA Digital team.

Service & Support

Do you provide live support?

Yes! We are available 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST Monday - Friday. If you call, a real human will answer and speak with you. And they’ll be happy and kind of a nerd. Well not kind of, it will be a nerd.

Who is the team behind Foureyes?

The #Nerdherd at Adpearance! We are a combination of young, digital-savvy 4.0 grads and experienced innovators who together have many years of experience working in the auto, heavy equipment, and manufacturing industries.


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