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This Northeast dealer (please contact us for a name) has sold and serviced vehicles in their community for over 10 years. Their commitment to their community goes beyond just selling and servicing cars, and they pride themselves on their sales effectiveness.


  • Limited visibility into prospect shopping activity.
  • No record phone calls to the dealership.
  • No visibility into effectiveness of their follow up process.
  • Lack of information about lost opportunities.

This Northeast Volkswagen dealership prides itself on being a leader in customer satisfaction across sales, service, and parts, but only had a partial view of their prospects’ shopping journeys before Foureyes. As a team that had always excelled, a sudden slump in sales and issues with their systems caused them to approach Foureyes. The dealership now uses Foureyes with their existing CRM and DMS systems to gain complete visibility into the sales process to patch any holes in their funnel, improve close rates, and increase monthly sales.

  • 11%
    Increase in
    Close Rate
  • 9.3%
    Avg. Increase
    in Sold Cars
  • 32%
    Lost Leads
  • $33K
    Return on

"One of my absolute favorite things about Foureyes is how it saves lost leads and ensures we don't miss any opportunities. The fact that we have sold cars from recovered leads proves Foureyes' worth."

- Volkswagen Dealer, Northeast

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