Milnes Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Michigan dealership increases close rate by 300%






Milnes Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) serves the greater Imlay City area in Michigan. In five short months working with Foureyes®, they completely turned around their sales process and increased their close rate by 300%.


Milnes CDJR needed to sell more cars, but couldn’t pinpoint the problem. They kept trying the “more leads, more sales” model to fix it, but their sales number wasn’t budging no matter how many leads marketing delivered. Foureyes helped Milnes CDJR identify that the real source of the issue wasn’t in the number of leads— it was in their follow-up process.


Foureyes spotted and supported sales process improvements by:

  • Identifying that lead follow-up was the real source of the issue
  • Supporting lead follow up with easy-to-follow Coffee Reports, sent daily to organize priorities, as well as manager visibility
  • Adding unlogged sales activity in the CRM

Foureyes armed Milnes CDJR with data that clearly demonstrated that the “more leads, more sales” model wasn’t working and highlighted specific points in the sales process that needed to change. This led the new Car Sales Manager to use the visibility and accountability that Foureyes provided to create an improved follow-up procedure, which in turn gave the sales team a simple and intuitive process for following up with interested leads.


In five months, the Milnes Chrysler sales process completely transformed. In fact, they were so convinced by the visibility Foureyes gave them into their sales opportunities and sales process that they added Foureyes to their sister dealership, Milnes Ford, and canceled their virtual BDC team.

"Foureyes has helped Milnes CDJR sell more cars by seeing that leads are followed through."

Sherry Wood, Marketing Manager of Milnes CDJR and Milnes Ford

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