Improve Your Vision.  Improve Your Sales.

Foureyes Bump shows you how marketing and sales are performing, spots big opportunities, and gets the right people acting on them.


Let Foureyes Bump Maximize the Equation

Foureyes Bump provides you with data about opportunities that affect your sales and marketing performance. Bump also notifies your network about these opportunities so the right people can act on them. With this improved visibility into your sales and marketing, your dealership can fix issues fast and sell more cars.

Foureyes Bump will begin tracking advertising data on November 1 and the product will be available to a select group on November 15th. If you are not in our pilot group, and your dealership is interested in using Foureyes Bump, please contact us at

Know What’s Working and What’s Not

Focus on selling cars while we monitor any issues that come up.
  • Emails on specific sales and marketing opportunities in real time with a path to act on them.
  • Predictive early warnings on bad months and information to avoid them.
  • Track progress on opportunities and compare against OEM averages.

Get a ‘Win’ notification when things are looking good.


Get a ‘Watchout’ notification when things could be improved.


Get weekly and monthly reports to see the overall health of your dealership.

Maximize Your Digital Marketing

Visibility into your marketing helps you get smart with your advertising dollars.
  • See which marketing channels are generating quality sales prospects.
  • Pinpoint best results for smarter spending with a channel breakdown.
  • Leads filtered based on shopping activity across calls, forms, chats and page views.

Take Action Together to Improve Performance

Leverage the best thinking across your team, vendors and OEM contacts to define solutions.
  • Build an expanded team dedicated to the success of your dealership.
  • Share and view the same information together the instant it matters.
  • Take any issue down to the prospect, call, date, time, and click to resolve it.
  • Nov 01

    Bump Launches
  • Nov 15

    Bump Pilot Live for SWBC Dealers

Nov 01

Bump Launches

Nov 15

Bump Pilot Live for SWBC Dealers

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About Us

Foureyes Bump was developed by Foureyes, a division of Adpearance. The goal of Foureyes is to put relevant, actionable sales data in the hands of salespeople to help them do their job...better. Our staff, based in Portland, Oregon, is referred to as the Nerdherd. We are a combination of young, digital-savvy 4.0 grads and experienced innovators who together have many years of experience working in the auto, heavy equipment, and manufacturing industries.

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